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Fast and customized

Use WebAsOne which build customized website in hours. See your website before you pay. Changes are welcome.

Affordable price

Use the vertically integrated technologies which lower the complexity. Passed the the saving to customers. Low initial and ongoing costs.

SEO Ready

Website tags and structure are built for international SEO.


Instant Customized Design

Responsive across devices. See your web page instantly, there is no need to wait.


Pay as you go!

Localize website from small budget.

Service small to large businesses.

Compare Solutions

CMS Integration Website Translation Proxy Service WebAsOne
Build Website Weeks to months
Very high cost
Not applicable Hours to days
Translation Service Complicated process Easily Managed and hosted by service provider Easy. In place translation. Translator and webmaster dual role.
Monthly fees Hosting fees Web hosting fees
Costly translation service fees
Limited traffic
Regular website hosting fees
Customization Very difficult Minimal Flexible and easy
Website structure SEO readiness Need to implement Need to implement Automatically generated

First Hour Design - Free

Step 1: Home Page Design

Interactive online custom homepage design with you on a real website.

Step 2: Localize Website

Localize your website with language of your choice. Use Google Translate to translate website.

Step 3: Test Website

Use mobile device to view the live website. Speed test